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Hubby loses out to wife's assistant

By unknown | Feb 15, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Thandie Newton, left, speaks to her assistant more than her husband.

Thandie Newton, left, speaks to her assistant more than her husband.

The actress - who has two daughters, Ripley, eight, and Nico, four, with her producer spouse Ol Parker - admitted they have such busy lives they mainly communicate by sending each other text messages.

The Crash star said of her assistant: "She's my right hand woman. I hate to say it but we may actually text and speak more than my husband and I!"

Of her husband, the 37-year-old actress added: "We're so busy, our relationship is largely lived on texts - from, "Remember to pack sandwiches for Nico's school trips', to figuring out when we can do stuff together.

"We text at least five times a day and probably talk the same amount. It's a real lifeline for us."

Newton can call on her assistant for anything, but admits they are not always nice to one another.

She told Cosmopolitan: "The most embarrassing thing I've asked her to do was to deliver some food for me last week on a shoot. I'm currently doing a detox and I feel like such a diva - not only having food delivered to the set, but also the fact that it was raw, vegan, had to be eaten within 24 hours... all this c**p!

"We're also very rude to each other on text - I called her a lying b***h the other day! If anybody read a transcript without knowing us, they'd think we were crazed!" - Bang


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