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tinchy's alien jungle

By unknown | Feb 08, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Tinchy Stryder would like to create an "alien jungle" on the stage.

If he had an unlimited budget the British grime star would produce a "new world" as his set for his live shows.

The "No 1" rapper said: "I'd probably want to do something that can't even be done yet. I'd create a whole new world on stage - an alien jungle."

Tinchy, 22, also revealed he struggled to complete his degree in moving image and animation, which he was studying at the University of East London last year, because he was recording his second album Catch-22 at the same time.

He explained to FHM magazine: "Last year I had a number one single and I've been on tour, but I still had to do my 6000 word essay on visual theory and produce a documentary.

"For the documentary I combined the two and made a film about our tour manager. So I was filming what he was up to, setting up the stage, getting us ready and all that stuff.


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