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Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Des Van Rooyen. Picture Credit: Gallo Images
Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Zuma's private life is none of our business

By unknown | Feb 05, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE Communications Workers Union condemns the publication of stories about President Jacob Zuma's alleged love-child with Irvin Khoza's daughter and the opportunistic rantings by the opposition parties.

The self-anointed priests of morality and champions of the HIV-Aids struggle are calling on Zuma to resign, alleging he is a threat to women and has betrayed to the battle against the pandemic.

The struggle against HIV-Aids will not be won through Zuma's private life and relationships.

This puritanical witch-hunt against Zuma being waged by the bourgeois media and the opposition is a typical modern-day version of Christian fundamentalist crusades against "sin".

This witch-hunt aimed at Zuma seeks to reinforce the idea in the public sphere that it is morally wrong for either Zuma or the woman to be sexually intimate and impregnate each other outside the institution of marriage.

Zuma's right to privacy should be respected.

Otherwise the bourgeois media's owners and opposition party leaders should publicly declare their partners and throng of children for public opinion or judgment.

What happens in Zuma's private life is none of our business, including the state.

The media's obsession with and interference in Zuma's private life is aimed at re-engineering society to conform to the capitalist sex "norm" of one man and one woman for life, thus denying the complexity of human sexuality.

Matankana Mothapo,

Communication Workers Union national spokesperson,Johannesburg


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