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Malema's selective voice

By unknown | Feb 05, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

INDEED, we forget too soon. Today ANC Youth League president Julius Malema is saying we should not question President Jacob Zuma's relationships and sexual life because he is our father.

Malema says we are Africans "so we are not qualified to talk about that". This is a young man who does not know his real father and does not want to know him. This is so "unAfrican" - knowing your roots is important.

Maybe his father was just like Zuma, going around having unprotected sex but who, unfortunately in his case, failed to take responsibility for his action.

Malema is the same young man who, while campaigning for votes, told the media that the ANCYL was giving Cope leader Mbhazima Shilowa's son a bursary.

At the time the ANCYL portrayed Shilowa as an irresponsible father, who was living large while his child was suffering. The ANC never said that was a private matter.

Representing Malema and the ANCYL on Kaya FM, Mpho Tsedu pointed out that we cannot trust Cope leaders since they have many love-children. He was referring to Hlomla Dandala, son of Mvume Dandala, one of Cope's leaders. The ANC did not say that was a private matter.

All I am saying is that Malema is the last person to speak about respecting elderly folks and being an African.

Just recently, when another father of the nation, Kgalema Motlanthe, asked him to stop disrupting schools, he said he needed no one's permission to contribute to building quality education for South African children.

Just a reminder, Zuma is not just our father, he is our president and leader and must behave like one.




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