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29 teachers banned from teaching

By Tebogo Monama | Jan 26, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

TWENTY NINE teachers from across the country were last year banned from teaching.

TWENTY NINE teachers from across the country were last year banned from teaching.

The SA Council of Educators - the organisation that regulates teachers' behaviour - struck the teachers off the roll between April and November last year for crimes ranging from corporal punishment to sexual offences.

The Western Cape has the highest number of teachers who have been banned from the profession. Twenty one teachers were fired in the province - nineteen for corporal punishment and assault on pupils and two for sexual offences.

Sexual offences

In Gauteng two teachers were fired for sexual offences and four others for corporal punishment. One teacher was fired for sexual offences in Free State.

In KwaZulu-Natal one teacher was fired for assaulting another teacher.

One of the five Makhumbuza High School teachers probed after allegations of sexual encounters with pupils that surfaced in April last year was also struck off the roll.

The council said charges against the other four teachers were dropped owing to a lack of evidence.

The five teachers were suspended in April last year after allegations that they slept with pupils in the school's laboratory.

About 13 pupils pressed charges of sexual harassment against the teachers and one teacher was arrested.

Sace now has a directory of serial sex offender teachers on its website. To find out if a teacher is a serial sex offender or not, you only need their identity number.


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