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row brews over 'fiddled' results

By Chester Makana | Jan 21, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

TENSION is mounting between parents and the principal of a high school at Muraleni village near Makhado over claims that pupils' results were altered from passes to failing.

This comes after the results for grades 10 and 11 were changed and pupils told to repeat classes when the school reopened last week. At the centre of the row are reports indicating that the pupils had passed.

School principal Samuel Mathelemusa, of Tshirululuni High School allegedly changed the results, claiming that some of the pupils who were promoted to the next grades had not passed.

About 20 pupils, who said they had already made plans for this year, are affected by the problem.

A Grade 11 pupil, Nndweleni Tshifura, 18, said he was unhappy with Mathelemusa's decision.

"It will be difficult for me to repeat the class when I know I'm not supposed to. My report indicates that I passed but the principal tells me a different story.

"This is abuse of power," the pupil said.

Thompho Masia, who also failed due to this administrative blunder, said:

"The principal must be dealt with accordingly because his action means delaying our future."

He called on the provincial department of education to take action against Mathelemusa.

"Mathelemusa should either resign or be deployed at another school because we cannot afford a situation where he takes unpopular decisions at the expense of our future," Thompho said.

Parents have also accused the principal of not being committed to his duties.

A concerned parent, Miriam Raliphadi, said her daughter's report had initially indicated she had passed, but Mathelemusa demanded it back and when he returned it, it indicated that she had failed.

"Worse still, the circuit officials told us that there was nothing they could do to change the mistakes because the schedule had already been approved," Raliphadi said.

Mathelemusa could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Education department spokesperson Ndo Mangala said they would investigate the problem at the school.

"We hope the investigation will reveal the truth," Mangala said.


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