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Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

Supporters put DA in dog box

By Anna Majavu | Jan 19, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE war of words between animal-loving DA voters and Helen Zille's chief of staff, Geordin Hill-Lewis, has turned ugly.

THE war of words between animal-loving DA voters and Helen Zille's chief of staff, Geordin Hill-Lewis, has turned ugly.

This after Sowetan revealed last week that a DA Western Cape councillor, whose dog was found chained and starving, had been sentenced by a disciplinary hearing in the party to eight hours community service a month.

The findings of the disciplinary hearing angered several DA supporters, who called for the councillor, Caroline Wood, to be expelled for cruelty to animals.

Sowetan has since received e-mails in which several DA voters tell Hill-Lewis that they are withdrawing their support for the party.

One angry voter writes: "The sole reason I voted for your party was because you had the most comprehensive policies pertaining to animal rights. Not even six months later, you are making excuses for one of your 'pals'. You are no different to the ANC, who you perpetually bark complaints and accusations at."

Another says: "I am disheartened by this whole affair and, to this extent, I will be removing my support for your party. you only have yourselves and your twisted interpretation of justice as it applies to other DA 'cadres' to blame."

A former DA supporter writes: "When will political parties realise that they rule by the people.

"Well, I know lots of people in the animal loving community who make up a huge amount of DA votes, hah, it obviously isn't an election year this year."

And another writes: "You seem to take the educated public as fools. Well, we're not. The DA sickens me and shall not have my vote again."

Hill-Lewis replies: "Wow, thank you for insulting me so thoroughly in the opening lines of your letter. I've seen that somewhere before. oh yes . from the ANC. Maybe you'll feel more at home with them then."

A raging debate is also taking place on a public Facebook group, entitled: "DA councillor Caroline Wood's (husband's) dog CHAINED AND STARVED!"

The group, with 1559 members, was set up by DA supporters in a bid to get their party to expel Wood.

But DA MP Debbie Schafer wrote on Facebook that they could not charge wood with animal neglect.


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