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Arrogance will be your downfall

By unknown | Jan 08, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THIS is where I should tell you about my new year's resolutions but I will keep those to myself and rather focus on what I think should be the collective resolution of artists for 2010.

THIS is where I should tell you about my new year's resolutions but I will keep those to myself and rather focus on what I think should be the collective resolution of artists for 2010.

Though people rarely acknowledge it, journalists are kingmakers. People might have the talent but without media backing it remains your well-kept secret.

So, I appeal to all the prima donnas and artists who think they've made it and don't need us to reconsider their attitude. We are sick and tired of artists who get up to mischief and when their shenanigans are exposed, viciously turn against journalists.

We've witnessed situations in which people exhibit shocking behaviour. And journos are only too happy to tell the country how the people they have put on pedestals are behaving. So why get angry at the writer and not yourself for lacking discretion?

Then there are the smart Alecs, who demand that they be sent written requests for interviews. As if that is not shocking enough, they demand that they be sent the questions and also the story before it goes to print. These are the people who were literally almost on their knees begging for interviews before.

What a cheek

Another spin to this fascinating saga are those who, thanks to their success, now gleefully refer us to a PA because they are too busy to talk to journalists or cope with their bulging diaries. What a cheek.

Then there are those who, after becoming popular , cross the floor to the suburbs to be managed by people who don't know their background or the township they live in . They were not around when these artists were struggling, managed by equally struggling managers. Now that they have hit the big time and can afford champagne and caviar , they ditch the managers who made them for those ready to reap what they have not sown.

These are the people who create a lot of bad blood between journalists and artists. They manipulate what they consider their teensy-weensy citadel of power.

If they are not playing hard to get, they are making ridiculous demands behind the sometimes innocent artist. And then they have the nerve to complain about being overlooked for stories.

Equally irritating are "celebs" who accidentally socialise with your boss, exchange numbers and suddenly think they have a direct line. Journos are the foot soldiers who go to functions, mingle with you, know you inside out and therefore are in a position to write about you. In case you are not aware, bosses were once writers too. They are therefore conversant with the shenanigans of the industry and are not willy-nilly going to sell out their journos. They might humour you, but will never desert their writers.

On the other hand, we appreciate all the industry stakeholders, especially the mature artists who know on what side their bread is buttered and therefore work hand-in-glove with journos. We don't care for those who think we must publicise them and when they have other interesting stories, cross the floor.

Until we become patriotic and know that, whatever we do that might benefit us directly because it's our talent, the bigger picture is that we are doing it to grow our country too.

I look forward to working with all those great artists and stakeholders and hope the difficult and smug ones come around.

Success should not be equated to arrogance because if it goes to their heads, therein lies the downfall, or kanjani .


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