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A 'hound' on the loose is aperilous thing

By Xolani Shezi | Jan 04, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MEN are dogs and that's that.

Fair enough. Be that as it may, closer inspection reveals that not all men are unfaithful dogs, like our disgruntled female friends lead us to believe.

Now look around you - but don't leave yourself out of the equation. You might be a culprit yourself.

But unless you live in a fantasy world you should have noticed that the "cheating fields" have been levelled by our equally unfaithful girlfriends and spouses.

May I please get an amen, my sister? I didn't think so.

If you are a woman who has been cheated on on several occasions by a man (or men) you dearly loved, I don't expect you to fully understand this point of view.

Of course, you'll argue that this too was the "work of a man" since he was the first to be caught with his pants down and the poor woman simply followed suit.

Good guys gone bad

Yeah, right. This coming from a woman of your astute intelligence is deeply disappointing, to say the least. Of course, she is just as guilty.

What if I told you that there's in fact tons of guys out there who are forever faithful to their "one-and-only" - until the ungrateful chick opts for another "dog".

His wallet might be thicker or his car might be three times as comfortable and luxurious - the fat and ugly BEE kind.

He could be flaunting the latest Nokia cellphone and BMW, gloating over a lucrative deal that involves himself and Patrice - or whose smoothly chiselled tongue promises a gullible damsel the entire universe?

Sour grapes, I hear you muse.

As much as females might deny it, a financially endowed man - now that material assets have taken precedence over old, pure and simple love - has special appeal.

Hell, if I were a woman I wouldn't be available cheaply. But by this I don't mean I would sell my soul. But that's a topic for another day.

Many married and single men are cheated on out there and you're aware of it. As you read this article somebody's "woman" is caressing another man, unashamedly so.

Ag, but when it's a man he's meant to pick himself up and move on because he's a "man" and can't be a victim.

And that's what he does. He moves on with lightning speed.

This man, who all along was "aided" by undying love to somehow suppress his "ingrained" doggie-dog behaviour, is now a hound on the loose, a wounded one at that - and he's very dangerous.

A dumped or heartbroken man doesn't wait until he's totally over his ex. What the hell for when the world's full of so many single honeys and so few men?

So while he sobs over his lost love he sharpens his teeth and paws and prepares to replace her immediately. Oh no, the dust doesn't have time to settle here.

Mind you, his ego is wounded and he can't be seen to be falling apart as a result of a woman.

So he prowls around for a fresh kill - like a famished wild dog - and pounces on unsuspecting, kind-hearted and lonely-for-love lasses, to devour their honey pots.

He starts by dating one "potential" subconsciously hoping she'll exhibit similar characteristics to his ex.

He sees his former lover in every likeable female face he lays his eyes on. When the new "bird" displays only a few of these characteristics that his former long-time flame possessed, he finds another love interest - without ditching the new flavour - in the hope that she too will be a "perfect match". In his wild dreams.

The pattern continues until he amasses quite a flock of women. And unfortunately women are drawn to a guy like this like moths to a flame.

Women love troubled men or men with the capacity to break their hearts. They think they can somehow help them to forget their painful romantic past, or worse, change them.

Dream on, dolls - the man's on a rebound. Better luck next time.

Pathetic excuses

Our jilted fellow is "head-over-heels" with all his new conquests, in his own desperate way as he's yearning for floods of love.

One woman is inadequate to fill the void left by his ex. And strangely, these women "feel loved" by this intense, serial lover.

But since our love "psychopath" can't be available to them all, he starts lying and making pathetic excuses until he's caught red-handed.

If he's not caught out, his women notice his unusual behaviour and their sixth sense informs them that he's taking them for a ride. They dump his ass and sentence him to eternal "dog land limbo". Aha.

This dingo is psychologically ill and beyond repair. He's a wreck who needs "divine" veterinary intervention.

His sickness - his "love rabies" - is so blinding and incurable that among the "candidates" he's seeing he won't be able to recognise the "right" one.

And guess what? She disappears from right under his nose.

What a dim-witted dog, you reckon.

Sometimes the dog will spot the "companion" of his dreams but then discovers that she's no longer available - unless she agrees to string him along as a "roll on" until she gets rid of her " boring, clingy" boyfriend.

A dog is a very patient, calculating and clever animal. Oh, yes.

Fact is, every guy has dog characteristics in him but it's up to him to put them to good or bad use.

Are you dying to find out if I have contracted "love rabies"?

Well, I'm afraid that's privileged information. Who said I was going to spew the truth anyway?

Dogs and the truth are strangers to one another. So go figure - put your brain cells to good use, just this once. No offence. None taken? Oh, yeah?

Ag, you can call me a dog all you like. Frankly, I don't give a frigging paw.


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