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Let's embrace the ideals of Jesus Christ

By Ido Lekota Political Notebook | Dec 24, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

TOMORROW, millions of Christians throughout the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

TOMORROW, millions of Christians throughout the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, it is now 2009 years since the prince of peace and justice was born in a manger bed in Nazareth.

Traditionally, this is the season of giving and sending out messages of love and hope to all humanity. It is during this season that we also see a display of generosity, love and compassion for the less fortunate.

It is also during this season that we see politicians displaying their human side. They become fathers, husbands and community leaders who promote family values and a spirit of neighbourliness towards everyone - including their political arch enemies.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was the prince of peace and justice. He was brought into this world to make it more human. To make us human in the sense that was described by Karl Marx when he said "the individual does not and cannot exist independent of other individuals".

According to Marx, the individual's unique capacities are forever directed towards the procurement of justice and the cultivation of happiness both for him/her(self) and the community which he is a part.

This is the humanity that Jesus Christ was brought into this world to restore. He was brought into this world to help those who believe in Him to continue striving for "the procurement of justice and the cultivation of happiness".

Unfortunately, our worldly experiences show that we have been "dehumanised" and there is increasing evidence that we are still a long way from becoming as human as we were at our creation.

We now live in a world where we find ourselves going against the grain of the basic tenets of humanity as described by Marx.

We live in a world where competition for scarce resources has turned brother against brother (as well as sister against sister), with the measurement for humanity being material acquisitions.

The issue is that in some instances, resources are being made scarce by our pillaging actions - in the name of wealth accumulation.

The modus operandi has become "only the strong survive, and the weak shall be eaten to nurture the strong". We have become more self-centred, and in some instances see our way towards happiness as being only through the unhappiness of the communities of which we are part. When our communities express their unhappiness about our follies, we accuse them of suffering from the "pull him down syndrome".

We accuse them of not being ambitious and driven like ourselves. The challenges that this world face include growing poverty amid increasing affluence, continuing violence against women and children and the exploitation of developing nations by the developed world - a clear indication that the ideals represented by the birth of Jesus Christ have not been achieved.

Part of the resolution lies in us reclaiming our humanity by striving for justice, equality and happiness for both ourselves and the communities of which we are part.

This means going beyond the rituals of giving a Christmas meal to the less fortunate. It means going beyond buying toys for the orphaned children. It means taking a stance against a system that says for other individuals to succeed they must use others as a stepping ladder, and once they are up there they push the ladder aside so that no-one else can climb up.

It means supporting campaigns that seek to hold countries that are destroying the ozone layer accountable. It also means holding politicians accountable and not falling into the trap of giving them blank cheques when it comes to the running of our lives.

It means understanding that democracy comes with rights and responsibilities. Part of those responsibilities is seeing ourselves as being capable of changing our own lives - by adopting certain basic ethical principles including honesty, fairness, commitment to equality and the love for hard work.

By doing so, we will have given ourselves the best Christmas present and made great strides towards achieving the ideal Jesus Christ was born for.


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