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TWO weeks into their experimental marriage Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi's union is reportedly doomed.

TWO weeks into their experimental marriage Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi's union is reportedly doomed.

According to a source close to Kaya FM's social experiment, Dumbutshena has not once shown any affection for her husband since they were introduced at their commitment ceremony in Newtown on December 11.

Though denying rumours yesterday that they were headed for a break-up, Dumbutshena confirmed that the marriage had not been consummated on their honeymoon. They spent three nights - in separate rooms - in Hazeyview, Mpumalanga, last week.

Malindi also denied they were having problems.

He said: "It's not true. How can things not work out when we just got married. She is such a wonderful woman.

"We are still busy with lobola negotiations. Once that is done we will move in together."

The two met for the first time when they walked down the isle 10 days ago.

Though their prize includes a fully-furnished apartment to live in for a year, they are still living apart.

Dumbutshena said: "We are getting to know each other. We are taking things slowly. We are treating this like any other relationship. We don't want to make the same mistakes as last year's couple."

A source was adamant yesterday that things were not going according to plan.

"Unlike last year's couple, who pretended to be caring for each other, with Derrick Matthee buying drinks for Gail Broostein, Dumbutshena is openly hostile to this guy."

Malindi confirmed they had collected their cars on Friday - his a Hummer 3 and hers a Lumina SS sedan as part of the R1,5million prizes they won.

Dumbutshena confirmed hers was parked because she only has a learner's licence.

Last year Matthee and Brookstein got married, only to divorce three months later.

It was eventually discovered that Matthee was in it for the money. The couple were thrown a sumptuous wedding, sent on a dream honeymoon in Mozambique, given a rent-free penthouse for a year, R100000 in cash and a new car each, all worth R1,5million.


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