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SACP shouldn't ape Julius

By unknown | Dec 18, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IT IS important to say something about the problem between the ANCYL and e SACP.

It is not only absurd to hurl insults like that, it is also disgusting.

Julius Malema, pictured, is infamous for puking at anyone who has a different view to his.

But to see the SACP putting out fire with fire during their congress in Polokwane did not only infuriate, but also reminded one that, "If you argue with a fool, people might not recognise the real fool".

Malema has said many things that I would not wish to hear again, but booing him and singing derogatory songs about him goes to show that a political school is much needed for our little leaders. And corporal punishment should be a must at that school for the likes of Malema and some SACP thugs.

I want to set the record straight by saying that I voted for Jacob Zuma not because of the ANCYL or Malema, but because of the ANC's ability to accommodate everyone under its broad church.

The ANC is called a broad church because it has the SACP and many other organisations under it.

Once you remove the SACP from the ANC, as the ANCYL is suggesting, you are removing us too. The SACP must raise their concerns about Malema's uncalled-for behaviour through the right channels.

Kwandokuhle Ngcobo, Rockville


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