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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.


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THE South African Men's Forum has called on men to stand up and fight gender-based violence.

THE South African Men's Forum has called on men to stand up and fight gender-based violence.

Speaking on behalf of the forum Nathi Myeni said the fight to end violence against women and children was not for women alone.

"All South Africans need to get involved," he said.

Myeni was one of the few men who publicly supported the 16 Days of Activism campaign on ending violence against women and child abuse.

He joined about 200 women and children who took part in the "Take Back the Night" campaign hosted by Gender Links recently.

The aim of the campaign was to reclaim the right to safety when walking down the street at night.

Armed with placards denouncing women and child abuse, the group bravely marched through the streets of Hillbrow.

Myeni said men's participation in such initiatives would go a long way in fighting gender-based violence, more so because men were likely to listen to each other rather than when the message came from a woman.

Myeni urged men to work together to advocate for respect to be the cornerstone of our society, especially respect for the elderly.

Their organisation, he said, was aimed at encouraging men to become involved in advocacy so that they can change the mind-set of masculinity and intervene against gender-based violence.

He said some of the work they do is to talk to boys at schools about fatherhood and promote "best gender practice" from a young age.

"I strongly believe that if men, especially young men, came out in support of initiatives such as these we can have a better future," said Myeni, adding that the purpose for taking part in the march was to change mindsets.

Ernestina Machaka, who took part in the march, also called on both men and women to speak out against abuse.


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