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'shuffle' dies on his birthday

By Mckeed Kotlolo | Dec 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Shortly after celebrating his 59th birthday with his family, a popular Mamelodi, Pretoria, teacher and jazz fanatic died peacefully in his bed.

Fanuel Danku Ntshudisane of Section N, Mamelodi West, a teacher and sports master at fhs Emthunzini Primary School for 31 years, died on Monday afternoon from cardiac failure and diabetes.

He was known as a no-nonsense teacher. Besides being a good teacher he was known as a player for the then Hampton City and Publican Brothers. He was also a talented motor mechanic of Peugot cars, particularly older models. He was always neatly dressed when not repairing cars.

Like most men he enjoyed his "hot stuff".

Whenever the hard-working teacher was busy on a vehicle, listening to jazz or just relaxing, his glass of liquor remained no further than an arm's length away and he visited it regularly.

In his heyday he wore button-down shirts, branded golf shirts and Brentwood and Dobbshire trousers. His preferred shoes were the American Florsheims he kept shining all the time.

He had numerous nicknames, including "Shuffle". The most popular was "The Fa", which was also used by his widow, Agnes, three daughters and son.

Agnes, a teacher at Ndima Primary School in Mamelodi West, said her diabetic husband became seriously ill at the beginning of this year and spent about three months at home. He later returned to work after his health improved.

"About two weeks ago his health deteriorated again and he spent the time until his last day at home.

"On Monday he organised a braai for us in celebration of his birthday. He gave us money and we arranged to have the meat prepared at the local butchery. He did not even eat the meat. He said I should tell the children that he did not buy a cake because it was too sweet," Agnes said.

At about 5pm he said he wanted to rest and went to bed.

"I joined him on the bed and he asked me to leave the room because he wanted to rest. I left the room to watch the 5,30pm news bulletin.

"Shortly before 6pm I went to check on him. He had kicked the duvet away from him and his feet were exposed. I touched them and they were very cold and he was quiet. I realised then that he was gone. The doctor confirmed that he had died of cardiac failure."

Ntshudisane will be buried tomorrow after a funeral service at 4672 Block N, Mamelodi West, from 7am. The cortege leaves for Eersterus cemetery at 8am.

l A memorial service for Ntshudisane was held at the Mamelodi West Community Hall yesterday afternoon.


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