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Crazy Lu gets down to his T-shirt

By unknown | Dec 10, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

FOR the past three years rapper Crazy Lu has been planning his domination of the hip-hop world.

FOR the past three years rapper Crazy Lu has been planning his domination of the hip-hop world.

He started out as an ambitious 12-year-old working as a presenter of the award-winning TV show X Attitude - and is now on the verge of making his dreams come true with the release of his second album, due to be released internationally next year.

"I wouldn't say that I wanted to go international. It's more like that the world wants me," he says with a warm confidence.

With multi-platinum artists such as Lil Bow Wow and Keith Murray on his album, Crazy Lu has sufficient reason to be confident.

Despite the lure of being on the international stage, Crazy Lu knows precisely where home is. "Africa is my home. I have a big fan base here that I won't turn my back on."

He has not lost his love of the camera - and is currently recording his reality show Crazy Lu in Cape Town. It will be aired on the Internet and also sold on DVD.

After his much-publicised exit from the hip-hop group Jozi, Crazy Lu has shied away from the limelight. "I want people to know that I was not kicked out of the group, I left of my own free will because I was not happy with the way I was being managed. I have no regrets about it. I have to walk in my own lane and make my own success."

The experience did leave him feeling a bit introspective. He explains: "I'm about business, not swag. There is now a new Crazy Lu. I have grown in every way in the past three years - musically and spiritually I've matured in everyway."

Much to the chagrin of manyparents, oversized T-shirts are a staple of hip-hop culture. Today he tries out four different brands for a T-shirt test. The first is from Woolworths.

"The collar is too thin but, overall, it does have a good fit."

He then tries a J Crew Originals T-shirt from Queens Park. "I'm not a big fan of the pocket . it could get ripped off in a fight."

Next up is the Oakridge Comfort Tee from Mr Price. "This has a small neck which is very important, but the colour isn't great.

The last T-shirt to be tried on is the Pro Spirit T-shirt from Ackermans. "This has the biggest collar. Its colour in black is a better black than the others."

So which T-shirt might make its way onto any of his upcoming videos?

"The ultimate test for a T-shirt is the neck. The rest of it can be baggy, but it must fit the neck perfectly. I think the one from Ackermans does it for me." - Keitumetse Segoai


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