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Nzimande can't wear two hats

By unknown | Dec 04, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IN A few days time the SACP will hold its elective conference in Polokwane and its general secretary Blade Nzimande will seek re-election.

Nzimande enjoys the support of the Young Communist League whose general secretary, Buti Manamela, has sent a stern warning that anyone who stands against the general secretary will be "crushed".

Creating a personality cult? Does Nzimande have a natural right to the position? Is there no democracy in the SACP?

That said, the YCL in Gauteng is opposed to the re-election. This does not come as a surprise because these young communists and Nzimande don't see eye to eye.

It appears no one is standing against Nzimande, so Manamela's threat seems to be working. But even if there is a contender, Nzimande will still be re-elected. That's how popular and powerful the man is.

Nzimande currently holds two full-time positions as Minister of Higher Education and SACP secretary-general. His dual role is causing tension and mistrust in the SACP and the ANC-led government. It is said that certain ANC members are uncomfortable with this dual role because they believe he cannot advance ANC and SACP policies simultaneously. The truth is, he is not trusted enough to advance ANC policies .

There is a strong perception that the communists want to hijack the ANC and that Nzimande is behind that.

Are there no capable comrades in the SACP ? If so , then Nzimande is a powermonger.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso


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