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Sisulu flays Sexwale over 'posturing'

By Ido lekota | Nov 27, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

FORMER housing minister Lindiwe Sisulu has accused her successor, Tokyo Sexwale, of political posturing.

FORMER housing minister Lindiwe Sisulu has accused her successor, Tokyo Sexwale, of political posturing.

Speaking through her spokesperson, Sisulu pointed out that, contrary to the impression given by Sexwale, the project of demolishing and rebuilding low quality RDP houses started during her tenure.

Sisulu's spokesperson, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, said Sexwale would discover this fact "if he took time to read reports and cabinet memos from 2004".

Mabaya said through reading the reports Sexwale would also discover that the decision to change the department from housing to human settlements happened in 2004.

"He will also discover that all provinces and municipalities have a human settlements plan they have been implementing since then, and that projects like Cosmo City, Zanemvula and Olivenhoutshof and many others in all provinces were products of this plan," Mabaya said.

Insiders say other ministers feel that Sexwale is projecting himself as "a model leader" and is trying to upstage them.

Recently Sexwale was in the limelight when he announced that he would travel economy class. However, the insiders pointed out that the decision to travel economy class was in fact taken by the government as part of austerity measures.

The salvo against Sexwale follows his revelation that under Sisulu the department of housing had spent R22million on a communication programme during the 2007-08 financial year.

The programme included a show titled A re Ageng Mzansi (Let's build South Africa).

On Wednesday, speaking on 702 Talk Radio, Sexwale said he had no time "for plays and theatre that have nothing to do with building houses".

He announced that he was canning the show - which was allocated R4,4million in the current financial year.

His spokesperson, Chris Vick, said Sexwale canned the show because it had "nothing to do with human settlements".

Yesterday Mabaya justified the R22million programme, and denied that the whole amount was spent only on the play.

"It is a matter of record that the department of housing has calculated the production to cost R5,5million, with the remaining funds allocated for different elements of the campaign," said Mabaya.


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