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Families in row over RDP house

By Alex Matlala | Nov 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A MUNICIPAL bungle led to Martina Maribane's family spending the night in the veld after their shack at Lethuli Park, Seshego, Polokwane, was destroyed by another resident.

The local municipality had allocated one site to two different families. The Chuene and Maribane families on Wednesday clashed over the stand on which an RDP house had also been built.

The Maribane family, who had built a shack on the site, had been living on the stand since 2001. The same stand, on which the RDP house had been built, had been allocated to Nathaniel Chuene.

Chuene allegedly ordered the Maribane family to vacate "his stand" by November 5.

Chuene, who claimed to have a court order from the Seshego magistrate's office - which he failed to produce - then destroyed Maribane's shack.

Maribane said that in 2007 the municipality built the RDP house on the same stand as her shack. At the time the municipality had promised that the RDP house would be allocated to her. Chuene came along and claimed to be the rightful owner of the RDP house and stand and ordered Maribane off the site.

Municipal spokesperson Phuti Lekganyane said Maribane had moved on to the site illegally. He said the stand and the house had been allocated to Chuene and Maribane had been allocated another site and RDP house at Hospital View.


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