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reliable's its 2nd name

By Mabuyane Kekana | Nov 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IS IT true that cars and partners are somehow the same?

IS IT true that cars and partners are somehow the same?

They say a good car can be compared to a good wife. So, I guess I have found a good husband in the Volvo S40 2,0D.

In our daily lives we meet people who have troubles with cars - either mechanically or those who have simply bought the wrong brand.

But not with the Volvo brand, or the S40 2,0D Powershift that has lived with me for a while now.

Before I discovered for myself that Volvo was a reliable world-class car, I had testimonies about it from colleagues and my father.

All the people who have testified for S40 said it was a reliable car at all times.

The only gripe they seemed to have was maintenance after 100000km. Hopefully, the folk at the Silverton, Pretoria, office could work something out to ease the burden for customers with cars at that mileage.

The S40 possesses class and dignity without being in your face.

If only the lotto man was kind - I would buy one for my old man.

Under the skin of the S40 2,0D lies the 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine linked to a 6-speed Powershift gearbox.

This engine has power output of 100kW and 320Nm.

Among safety features are dynamic stability and traction control, not forgetting the side impact protection system with airbags housed in the backs of the front seats and a full-length airbag curtain that is deployed from the roof.


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