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Popular musical to tour 'forgotten' rural arts centres

By Edward Tsumele | Nov 05, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

PLAYWRIGHT and novelist of note Martin Koboekae continues to unleash his creativity on communities in far-flung areas and urban theatres.

PLAYWRIGHT and novelist of note Martin Koboekae continues to unleash his creativity on communities in far-flung areas and urban theatres.

His artistically and commercially notable musical Location 1973 is touring major arts centres of North West, Northern Cape and Gauteng. This includes areas other theatrical productions do not reach.

Known for having penned the novel Taung Wells, a powerful and gripping portrayal of life in the economically depressed rural area of Christiana in North West, he is fast becoming one of the important voices in theatre and literature in the country.

With the odds stacked against him and others from the township in terms of resources and the availability of performance spaces, he and others are ironically starting to break down the locked doors of mainstream theatre venues to have their creativity noted and recognised by audiences.

Location 1973 is written and directed by Koboekae and choreographed by Peter Mashigo.

This tour is a revival of a musical that was noted for its creative class as well as its commercial viability just a few years ago when it first hit the stages of Johannesburg.

Location 1973 is a nostalgic trip down memory lane when music and dance were the order of the day even in small towns around the country.

Set against the backdrop of the thriving soul music of the early 70s and the then emerging, fast-paced location jive, the story centres around Sox, a rogue member of the community, who brings a lot of pain to his own people.

Sox belongs to a notorious gang, the Mahazel, who terrorise the community. They abduct women and throw bags over their victims' heads before raping them.

One day Sox and his thugs gang-rape a woman in the dark. It turns out the victim is Sox's mother.

Nto, the deaf mute who has seen it all , is unable to tell what happened.

"This play depicts small township scenarios and highlights the triumphs and tribulations of small town people.

Location 1973 highlights and celebrates the culture, and mainly the music, produced by South African soul music greats of the late 60s and early 70s, such as The Movers, Teenage Lovers and Babsy Mlangeni.

The struggles and forced removals of big cities are well documented, but nothing has been done to display the vibrant cultures and dehumanisation of small town folks," Koboekae says.

This musical is brought to life by a cast of 16 actors, singers and dancers led by veteran actor and choreographer, Peter Mashigo and a five-piece band of seasoned musicians.


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