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By Bongani Magasela | Nov 03, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IBO welterweight champion Lovemore "Black Panther" Ndou says Sowetan is his favourite local newspaper despite the fact that he now lives in Australia.

IBO welterweight champion Lovemore "Black Panther" Ndou says Sowetan is his favourite local newspaper despite the fact that he now lives in Australia.

"I read Sowetan every day on the Internet. It was the people' s paper when I left for Australia 15 years ago and it still is today."

Ndou, who was born in Musina, Limpopo, on August 16 1971, the day Elvis Presley died, is in SA as part of his preparations to defend against Matthew Hatton in the UK on November 13. Ndou, who is based in Sydney, New South Wales, spoke to the Sowetan. He leaves for the UK on Friday.

Q: Why did you leave for Australia?

A: For a better lifestyle.

Q: So you have dual citizenship?

A: Yes.

Q: How often do you communicate with your family back home?

A: Almost every day.

Q: You have lived in Australia for almost 15 years - are you still able to speak Venda?

A: (laughing) Yes, I can speak the language but not as well as I used to.

Q: Are you married, if yes, with who, and how many kids do you have?

A: Let us stay away from that question. I have two girls, 11 and 8 years old, and a boy, 6.

Q: Have they been to Musina?

A: Yes. My brother is getting married in December, so it will be nice to have them here again.

Q: What do you do for a living apart from being a professional boxer?

A: I have some businesses. I am about to be admitted as a lawyer too.

Q: What are your achievements as a boxer?

A: Transvaal champion, IBF Pan-Pacific light welterweight, the IBF light welterweight and IBO welterweight belts. I have made enough money through this sport.

Q: Do you think you would have achieved that had you stayed here?

A: NO.

Q: How are purse monies in Australia compared with SA?

A: It depends on the marketability of an individual fighter as well as which promoter you work with. I cannot complain about my purse monies in Australia.

Q: I understand you own a castle in Australia?

A: No. I just have a comfortable home.

Q: What car you drive?

A: I drive two fancy cars but I won't disclose them.

Q: Dream car?

A: I already have one.

Q: Person you most admire?

A: Nelson Mandela, my lifetime hero.

Q: What do you think of the state of boxing in South Africa?

A: It's better compared to some years back.

Q: Do you think local promoters pay boxers what they are worth?

A: It all depends on agreements fighters have: if a promoter makes a little more, it's your problem.

Q: What is your advice to up-and-coming boxers?

A: Work with a promoter who has your best interests at heart.

Q: How are your preparations?

A: Great. I cannot wait to get into the ring.

Q: Who is your favourite boxer?

A: Sugar Ray Robinson. But my favourite boxer today is Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather.

Q: Locally (SA)?

A: I don't really know much about local fighters.

Q: Most difficult opponent?

A: Junior Witter.

Q: What is the fight that lingers in your mind?

A: Against Philip Ndou.

Q: Your favourite actor?

A: Denzel Washington.

Q: Favourite musician?

A: Janet Jackson (I am in love with her).


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