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my boss beat me - guard

By Penwell Dlamini | Nov 02, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MIDRAND police are searching for a supervisor who allegedly assaulted a guard for "sleeping on duty".

MIDRAND police are searching for a supervisor who allegedly assaulted a guard for "sleeping on duty".

The bosses of the security company have claimed in their statements in the hospital report that the guard slipped, fell and hit his neck against a scaffold.

They allegedly also tried to influence other workers to make false statements claiming their colleague fell.

Police spokesperson Inspector Moses Maphakela told Sowetan yesterday that a case of assault was opened at the Midrand police station.

"Our investigating officer will find the suspect's address and he will be arrested," Maphakela said.

This comes after Siphe Langa, 30, a security guard at Jorish Security, was allegedly assaulted by his supervisor in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"He came to where we were stationed at 4.30am and took a picture of me. When I asked him why he was taking a picture of me he said I was asleep. He then kicked me in the neck and I fell on to a scaffold," Langa said.

Jorish Security guards the construction equipment on the Gautrain route in the Midrand area.

"Though I was confused, I could hear one of my colleagues telling him to stop beating me, but he did not." Langa said.

"He took the radio and hit me in the face and I fell on a machine on the site. The next thing I remember I was in the control room with colleagues calling for an ambulance."

A colleague of Langa's, who wished not to be named, said he tried to stop the supervisor from assaulting Langa.

"I told him that Langa could get injured but he ignored me and continued with the assault until Langa was prostrate on the floor," he said.

Langa, of Mayibuye township in Midrand, was taken by ambulance to the Carstenhof Clinic.

He apparently started working for Jorish Security in May.

On his release, Langa was allegedly taken for a polygraph test at the company's offices while he was still in pain.

Sources at the clinic told Sowetan that a senior manager from Jorish Security came to the hospital and changed details on Langa's report, allegedly from "assault to injured on duty".

When we called Carel Smith, a manager at Jorish Security, he said everything was a lie.

"We took Langa for a polygraph and even his own witness turned against him. So I don't understand how you can publish such rubbish," Smith said.

But on Friday workers at the construction site protested, calling for the supervisor to be fired.

Langa, who suffered injuries to his neck and right leg, was readmitted to the clinic on Friday but was released later.


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