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'We heard sounds in bed but didn't see anything'

By Nthabisang Moreosele | Oct 27, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

"THERE was movement in the middle of the night but no one could say for sure where it came from."

"THERE was movement in the middle of the night but no one could say for sure where it came from."

This was said by Quinn and Kristal, the latest housemates to be kicked out of the Big Brother Africa Revolution reality show this week.

"We did not see anything going on. No, not even a little bit," said Kristal.

"But we heard sounds and things at night, especially in the bed next to mine. I don't have to face anyone with a guilty face although I have a little explaining to do to my mom," she said.

"She is a little bit disappointed because a few days ago I got drunk."

Kristal said she knew the alliance, led by Kelvin, Geraldine, Lionel and Emma, was going to vote against her.

She said she was, however, surprised that Elizabeth had nominated her.

"She told Quinn that she had voted for me to go a minute before it came on the screen, so I was expecting it."

When told that she was among the most entertaining housemates, Kristal admitted that she had brought pizzazz to the show. She said she was going back home to Zimbabwe to complete her paramedics degree.

Quinn, the last hope for South Africa in the house, said: "South Africa has lost, we are over, done. I was myself during the stay, I hope I represented myself, my family and my country well.

"I have no regrets about being part of Big Brother and would do it again."

He confirmed hearing strange noises at night but couldn't tell which housemates made them.

He said he had fancied Jennifer but she left the house after only a week.

Quinn said he had a premonition that he would be evicted and had made peace with the idea.

"Edward from Namibia and Kelvin from Nigeria are the ones who will go to the finals," he predicted.


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