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Zuma won't depoliticise state security

By unknown | Oct 26, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

WILLIAM Gumede (Sowetan, October 21) calls on President Jacob Zuma to depoliticise the state security apparatus.

He says: "High on President Jacob Zuma's list must be to put a stop to senior ANC or government leaders abusing the security apparatus of the state for personal and factional interests."

The irony in this statement could not be more apparent.

The bitter fight in the ANC that led to Zuma's rise to power extended to the heart of South Africa's security establishment.

In his first months in office the president deployed loyal cadres to key security institutions. Three brief examples illustrate the irony of Gumede's statement.

Firstly, the decision to drop charges against Zuma was made on the basis of secret surveillance tapes that were leaked to his defence team in a legally dubious manner.

Secondly, Moe Shaik, brother of fraudster and close Zuma apparatchik Schabir Shaik, was recently appointed by Zuma as head of the secret service.

Moe Shaik has been so openly involved in the politics of the Zuma camp that his new position can only result in the further politicisation of the intelligence structures.

Zuma's appointment of former KwaZulu-Natal community safety MEC Bheki Cele to National Police Commissioner is a further case in point.

Cele, who incidentally has no police experience, is a close ally of Zuma's.

Clearly Zuma is not going to be able to depoliticise the state's security apparatus. Quite the opposite, it would seem that under his leadership these key institutions are destined to become even more politicised.

Rosemary Vickerman, Researcher in the DA national leader's office


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