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Don't be a puppet Jansen

By unknown | Oct 26, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I HAVE not seen a report about Jonathan Jansen's forgiveness announcement, so bear with me if I have missed something.

Reconciliation alone enough.

When young Andrew Babeile of Vryburg was accused of stabbing a fellow pupil his next stop was prison.

No arguments about his being unable to study were forwarded. No white person said the matter could be amicably solved by transferring Babeile to another school.

Are white people lofty beings who cannot serve time for crimes they committed?

There is nothing to suggest that the UFS students are remorseful. What is it that they have done to show they deserve forgiveness?

Locking themselves in the safety of their homes does not demonstrate remorse.

Adrian Vlok, minister of police during the dark days, went to the Union Buildings to wash the feet of then director-general in the Presidency Reverend Frank Chikane.

Late Special Branch member Gordon Niewoudt went to the location to meet the family of the activists whom he had killed at the height of apartheid.

A child might lock himself up but not an adult who is conscious of his actions.

The UFS students must tell the world how regretful they are.

Whether we forgive them or not, the baggage will stay with us. And by forgiving and reconciling, you do not say that they must not face the music in court.

Even if the students are not forgiven this would be a mitigating factor during their trial.

To Jansen, stop being a puppet. You have not taken one step to shake the whites' grip on power at the UFS and blacks are already on the receiving end of your ill-timed judgment.

I would like to ask whether this incident was not aimed at giving you enough bargaining power to dislodge whites' grip on power?

Tshepang T Moeti, Gauteng


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