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UFS' Jansen wrong to drop charges

By unknown | Oct 21, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I HONESTLY believe that the University of the Free State rector Jonathan Jansen's decision to drop charges against the four students is totally unacceptable.

What those white students did was pure humiliation and violation of human rights.

This is a racial case. I wonder if Jansen consulted the victims. Every time I watch that video it really pisses me off and at the same time makes me sad and believe that whites are still controlling blacks.

Dropping charges means that Jansen believes that what the racists did to the women was normal and that they can continue doing so.

I believe the greatest forgiveness should not have been to allow them a second opportunity to study but to let them face the music. In that way the professor would have sent a clear message that racism is not allowed on his campus.

I strongly agree with Young Communist League (YCL) spokeswoman Gugu Ndima when she said: "Professor Jansen was supposed to send a strong message that his institution will not be tolerant of racist behaviour. He had to be firm in dealing with this issue and also to take strong measures against the perpetrators".

The South African Constitution Act 108 of 1996, chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights section 10, reads: "Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected."

In this instance the dignity of those poor cleaners has been undermined.

We forgive those white boys. They may study but such racial behaviour is not acceptable.

Punish them like any South African who commits a crime.

Tshidi Pholoana, Bloemfontein


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