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Nkosi tipped for World's Children Prize

By Moyahabo Mabeba | Oct 20, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE brave struggle of child Aids activist Nkosi Johnson, who died in 2001, will set the bar high in the 10th World's Children Prize for the Rights of the Child elections - alongside former president Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel.

The Rights of the Child project is the world's largest annual education activity to promote children's empowerment, based on respect for children's rights.

The elections, which have been held since April and close on Sunday, involved pupils who received pre-election training. Officials from the Independent Electoral Commission observed the proceedings.

More than 21million pupils from 94 countries took part to determine the recipient of the World's Children Prize.

Nkosi, a favourite for the prize, has been nominated posthumously as the 2009 hero for his fight for the rights of children with HIV-Aids to be allowed to attend state schools.

During his short life, Nkosi- urged the South African government to provide HIV-positive mothers with the necessary drugs to prolong their lives.

He believed he would have probably been born healthy had his mother, who had HIV-Aids, been given antiretroviral drugs while still pregnant with him.

The election results are expected to be released next week.

There are 13 other candidates worldwide for the prize.


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