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Adopt me - pleads inmate

By Canaan Mdletshe | Oct 16, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A WATERVAL Prison inmate has made a passionate plea to any Good Samaritans to "adopt" him.

A WATERVAL Prison inmate has made a passionate plea to any Good Samaritans to "adopt" him.

Mzwandile Ntshangase, 26, of Obhungandlovu area outside Empangeni, is serving 45 years in jail for housebreaking and theft.

"I was arrested in 2005 and since my arrest I have never been visited by anyone and it tears me apart," he said.

He said before his arrest, he had tried to locate his family, or his father for that matter, without any success.

"I was raised by my granny's family. My mother had only told me about my father before she died in 2003," Ntshangase said.

"And when I went to one home, where I had been told that I belonged, my aunts said the man I believed was my father was actually not and it broke my heart because he was the only person that I hoped would give me some clues about who I am."

He said even the surname (Ntshangase) he is using is not his, but decided to use it as the man who was said to be his father was Norman Mgazi Ntshangase.

He said since his arrest, not a single member of his family (from his mother's side) had ever visited him in prison.

"I am appealing to a Good Samaritan out there to adopt me so that when I get out of prison, at least I have a home or a place to go to," he said.

"Chances are that I will be out in 2014 and as days pass by, it is more hurting that I might get out of jail and be forced into the streets."

Ntshangase, who has a Grade 10, has enrolled to study at Majuba College for a Civil Engineering qualification next year.

"I work very hard and currently I am concentrating on my education, but the thought of having no relative or family kills me."


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