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A 'ghost' comes back to life

By unknown | Oct 16, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE AWB is back and it wants to keep black and white people separate and so uphold the divide-andrule policies of the apartheid regime.

THE AWB is back and it wants to keep black and white people separate and so uphold the divide-andrule policies of the apartheid regime.

There I was thinking that separatism and exclusion should be the antithesis of a new democratic order.

Reading about these lunatics ranting on "the yoke of black oppression" and their "God-given fatherland" I can't help asking, where these morons come from?

But they are here and we should not dismiss them.

Most progressive minds believe that territorialism and separatism are cowardly and driven by insecurity and a false sense of racial superiority that really translates into an inferiority complex.

Apartheid, like many other racist ideologies, severely distorted our natural migration as human beings of different hues and cultures. It was premised on separatism and aggressively sought to limit our freedom of association.

We have won the right to associate freely and while our adolescent democracy is getting stronger every day, somewhere in the dark corners of South Africa a ghost is coming to life. Its sole intention is to emulate the policies of a regime, the racist dogma of which decimated society.

And, we are still bleeding.

Anyone who believes that there is no racism and that the liberation of black people was achieved merely through that historic vote in 1994 is living in cloud cuckoo land.

There is still overt racism in many sectors of our society but I am getting a sense that even white racists are laughing at this ridiculous regrouping of the archaic AWB.

But the truth is that for as long as there is deep-seated racism, organisations like the AWB will thrive by accentuating and abusing our differences as black and white people.

All racists have an exaggerated consciousness of their race and have fabricated an enemy as a repository for their misdirected anger. That imaginary enemy is anyone who does not look and act like them.

If you tap into the pulse of South African society, you will hear a plurality of voices and encounter a myriad ideological leanings. The ability to recognise and accept this is called maturity.

Racist organisations such as the AWB lack intellectual content and a broad world view. Instead they are driven by fear and an emotional attachment to their victimhood.

It is easy to just dismiss the AWB as a group of old and bitter men and women who have not come to terms with the winds of change in this country. Clearly they have been battered - not by democracy and black empowerment as they so falsely claim - but by their own myopic view of others.

I am not suggesting that we get hysterical at the re-grouping of the AWB. They have every right to wear their safari suits, long socks, green underpants and ride their horses to a bosberaad.

But our law enforcers must keep an eye on them to ensure that their venom does not result in actions that would reverse our hard-won liberation.

Racism is insidious and the danger is that it not only poisons the mind but keeps us from being progressive.

If Eugène Terre'Blanche and his ilk feel there is no place for them under the rainbow nation, they have had plenty of opportunity to express that. Despite its faults, the ANC government has gone the extra mile in being inclusive and inviting former enemies to work alongside it for the good of this country.

There may not have been a cabinet post for Terre'Blanche but if his intentions were good I have no doubt he would have found a home in the new South Africa.

The AWB's isolation is purely self-imposed and with all our socioeconomic challenges, there is just no time for the government to expend energy by courting these lost people. But they must not forget that there are laws in this country and all citizens have a responsibility to respect those laws.

Social cohesion and integration are fundamental ingredients of a democracy but after 15 years there is very little our government can do to court people who have decided to remain on the outside.


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