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Bogus doc held for teen's rape

By Alex Matlala | Oct 14, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE man sought by police in connection with the alleged rape of an 18-year-old pregnant girl has been masquerading as a medical doctor.

This was revealed by Polokwane police during their investigations that led to his arrest yesterday.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said the man was arrested while in hiding in Polokwane, Limpopo.

Ramatseba said the man was spotted by police while walking on the street and started running away when he realised that he was being followed.

Police gave chase and the man was arrested.

He said a 27-year-old man, who allegedly worked in cahoots with the bogus doctor, was also arrested.

He said the man had kept guard at the entrance of the surgery to stop people from coming in to consult while the doctor was busy raping the girl.

He said police also managed to confiscate a bogus certificate that was used by the "doctor" to lure his unsuspecting victims.

Ramatseba said the girl, a Grade 10 pupil at a school in Greenside, had been raped by another man who got her pregnant.

"The man had allegedly found the girl walking on the street and dragged her to the nearby bushes where he raped her," said Ramatseba.

He said police have also arrested another 27-year-old man who was allegedly linked to the whole raping fiasco.

The man is expected to appear together with the bogus doctor and his partner-in-crime at the Polokwane magistrate's court today.

Police have been searching for the "doctor" since last week after he went into hiding following the rape incident.

The girl had allegedly gone to the surgery to have an abortion but the "doctor" took her to a secluded room and raped her.

"The doctor allegedly told her to take off her clothes and lie on the bed where he applied medication onto her body.

"But the 'doctor' took off his clothes as well and penetrated the girl," said Ramatseba.

The girl told the police she felt something penetrating her and thought he was applying medication in her private parts.

She said she only realised he was not applying medication but raping her when she felt his weight on top of her.

The girl claimed that she pushed the doctor off and asked him what he was doing but he said he was trying to help abort the pregnancy.


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