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NEC member's anti-alliance agenda is sad

By unknown | Oct 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I HAVE noted the unfortunate comments attributed to ANC NEC member Billy Masethla.

It is hard to believe that he found it organisationally and politically proper to use the media to raise his dissatisfaction about the so-called prominent role of communists and unionists in the ANC and the state.

It should be recalled that not so long ago the Shikota did exactly the same before committing political suicide by breaking away from the ANC to form Cope.

Masetlha's assertions fit squarely into the destructive anti-alliance agenda espoused by the 1996 class project that was partly dislodged by the majority of delegates in Polokwane.

He should know that history is littered with the names of far greater men and women who landed in the dustbin of political history for their anti-communists and anti-trade unionists agendas.

Masetlha's commentary shows that he apparently suffers from ideological confusion about the nature and character of the ANC.

Communists and trade unionists are free to join the ANC and as its members are entitled to the rights and obligations conferred on any other member. The ANC remains an organisational leader of our National Liberation Movement and the National Democratic Revolution (NDR), which has the historic mission to liberate Africans in particular and blacks in general from the interrelated national, gender and class contradictions. If Masethla is not aware, the ANC is a broad church.

The ANC Strategy and Tactics document appreciates this scientific analysis of the NDR, which needs to be carried out with special bias to the working class and the poor.

Matankana Mothapo, SACP-ANC, Johannesburg


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