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DOCTOR rapes girl

By Alex | Oct 08, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A 45-YEAR old medical doctor is on the run after he allegedly raped a pregnant girl at his surgery in Polokwane on Tuesday.

A 45-YEAR old medical doctor is on the run after he allegedly raped a pregnant girl at his surgery in Polokwane on Tuesday.

The doctor, whose name cannot be published until his arrest and court appearance, has closed his surgery.

Patients seeking his assistance were left baffled when the doctor told them he was closing the premises until further notice.

The 18-year-old Grade 11 pupil at a school in Greenside outside Polokwane has allegedly missed her quarterly examinations prior to preparations for her final examinations for the year.

She told a friend she was going to the Polokwane Hospital for a consultation because she was pregnant.

The friend said yesterday that while on the way to the hospital she received a call from her boyfriend, who told her that he was gatvol with her and that he was not going to accept responsibility for the pregnancy.

"On the way to the hospital she spotted a surgery and went there for a consultation." the informant said.

"She later changed her mind and decided to have an abortion."

Polokwane police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe said when it was the girl's turn the doctor called her into his consulting room, where the alleged incident took place.

"He allegedly told her to take off her clothes so that he could apply medicine.

The girl took off her clothes and lay down on the bed for the doctor to do his work.

"He allegedly applied medicine to the girl's body and eventually took his own clothes off and raped her," Ngoepe said.

In her statement to the police the girl said she was not aware that the doctor was not applying medicine.

She said she thought he was applying the medicine to her private parts by hand.

She said she realised he was not applying medicine when she felt his weight on her.

She claimed that she pushed the doctor away and asked him what he was doing. He said he was helping her abort.

She then went to the police station where she reported a case of rape.

"Doctors confirmed that she was raped after a medical examination," Ngoepe said. "So we are asking the doctor to come to the police station to help us with the investigations."

Provincial health and social development spokesperson Selby Makgotho said the health fraternity was saddened by the conduct of some of its doctors.


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