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Cruel to blame teacher for pupil's death

By unknown | Sep 15, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

YOUR story, "Racist teacher killed my son", on September 8, is too appalling for words.

It might have helped sell your newspaper, but it is libellous and sick and no wonder teachers are leaving the profession in droves. They are so vulnerable to this kind of abuse.

S'duduzo Qulo's death is a terrible tragedy, but to blame his teacher is shameful. There are so many things about this tragedy that we are unaware of.

Your report focused on Qulo's dislike for the teacher and the school. But other reports said he was unhappy to repeat a grade and focused on his poor performance in certain subjects. His own mother acknowledged that he dodged his homework and as a result she placed him in a boarding house. He also lost his father several years ago and more recently, his granny.

Clearly, he had to deal with a lot. If he was so unhappy at the school, his mother could have found him another school. If he were to remain at Scottsville in 2010 his mother could have stipulated the class he should be in. Scottsville Primary (unlike most former Model C schools) has a racially diverse staff.

In fact, there is a very popular African Grade 6 teacher in whose class he could have been placed.

At least then the accusations of racial discrimination would have had to be put aside.

This very caring school has been devastated by this incident. It has worked harder at creating a nonracial school environment than most public primary schools in Pietermaritzburg and the vast majority of pupils of all races are very happy there.

It is such a pity you have added to the suffering with your outrageous headline.

Liz Clarke, Scottsville


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