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'Bully' pupil shoots his teacher

By Abram Mashego | Sep 14, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A GRADE 7 teacher, who was shot by a pupil on Friday, says teachers at the school are not safe.

This comes after the teacher, Grant Mkhatshwa, 35, was shot by a 14-year-old at the Omar HS Ebrahim Primary School in Lotus Garden, west of Pretoria.

Mkhatshwa said the incident happened when he tried to stop the pupil, who is alleged to be a bully, from robbing and beating up classmates.

He said the pupil went home during the break to fetch a gun.

"It was about two o'clock that pupils came rushing to tell me the pupil has returned," Mkhatshawa said. "He was holding a brick."

Mkhatshwa threatened the pupil with expulsion but instead of walking away the pupil drew a gun.

"I could not believe my eyes and I instinctively grabbed his hand," the teacher said.

The two fought for the gun and the 14-year-old managed to shoot the teacher in the right arm.

Mkhatshwa managed to overpower the pupil and take the gun from him.

"I was traumatised and thought of shooting the pupil. But as I was about to pull the trigger I thought that killing him would not help because I am like a parent to the pupil."

He instead took the gun and handed it to the principal.

The 14-year-old boy was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Pretoria West police Captain Dumisani Ndlazi said they took the licensed 9mm CZ, which belongs to the boy's stepfather.

"We have charged his stepfather with negligence in possessing a firearm," he said.

Ndlazi said the pupil complained that the teacher had assaulted him and that he intended to kill the teacher.


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