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By Nawhal Kara | Sep 11, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

POSING as Gauteng Online officials, three fraudsters helped themselves to computer equipment at Leratong Primary School in Soweto on Tuesday and brazenly returned for more bounty a day later.

A vigilant teacher managed to lock the thieves inside the administration block before calling the police.

The men went to the school on Monday and said they were there to inspect and repair computer equipment.

When a teacher asked for identification they said they did not have any and would bring it the next day.

They went back on Tuesday with only their driver's licences as identification and a Gauteng Online check list.

They told the teacher that they had to take some equipment in for repairs.

The scam was only discovered yesterday, when legitimate officials from Gauteng Online arrived.

The impudent thieves returned after the real officials left and were locked in.

Captain Andrew Combrink, spokesperson for Orlando police station, said: "The men are believed to be from Soweto and between the ages of 24 and 29. They are scheduled to appear in the Orlando Magistrate's court today."

A Sebokeng School was also robbed of 24 computers on Monday.

Gauteng Shared Services Centre spokesperson , Emmanuel Mdawu said: "Leratong Primary is on the deployment list for new equipment to be installed."


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