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SABC's repeats are a total rip-off

By unknown | Sep 07, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I AM disgruntled about the service that we are getting from our public broadcaster.

SABC1 is now repeating programmes more than twice . They are merely filling the gaps .

The main aim of a public broadcaster should be to satisfy the needs and expectations of ordinary people. The SABC must come up with some new stories, programmes and documentaries to educate and entertain the public, not give us junk.

If we are expected to pay increased TV licence fees and get depressing content, what is the point?

They are repeating Zone 14 for the third time, airing it even on Wednesdays because there is a 30-minute gap they don't know what to do with .

Khumbul'e Khaya, which appeared to be among the favourite programmes, is losing it too - repeat after repeat, as if we are blind.

Has bankruptcy swallowed creativity?

I think next we will be watching After 9 for the third time and Yizo Yizo for the second time. They are abusing the "back by popular demand" refrain.

I have not seen recent local Mzansi movies on SABC. What happened to promoting South African talent or is media imperialism dominating the industry?

What happened to proudly South African? I think SABC1 in particular needs transformation. We need something fresh, something that will keep us glued to the small screen, which in turn will make us pay our licenses without hesitation.

Nickla Maile, Pretoria


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