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YOLINDA Naynar is taking life as it comes and is enjoying every minute of it.

YOLINDA Naynar is taking life as it comes and is enjoying every minute of it.

"I never really dreamt of being on TV. I was just a huge fan of K-TV."

After hearing about a search for a presenter the popular kids show was having in Sandton, Yolinda braved the long queue and made it through to the top 10, after which she was chosen for the show.

Spending the day in that queue has since paid off. With the K-TV Market Day scheduled for September Yolinda, now 21, is looking forward most to meeting the children.

"I've met kids that can sing and dance like you won't believe and kids as young as 11 that have invented really clever and cool things."

Today, Yolinda is excited about testing jelly babies.

Yolinda is doing her honours in accounting at the University of Johannesburg, where she says she needs sweets to survive. "I'm the perfect person to test sweets. I love them."

She first tries a packet of Juicy Jellys.

"These are really soft and moist. They just melt in your mouth."

She then tries the unfamiliar Red Band Truly Splashy sweets. "They are quite hard to chew. It's a pity there are only two flavours in the packet because they do taste nice."

The classic Maynards EnerJelly Babies are up next. "These make everybody think of their childhood."

The second last packet to be tried is the Manhattan Gummy Land Gum Babies.

"These are a lot like the Maynard Enerjelly Babies but they're much harder and have less flavour."

The last packet to be tried is the Katjes Yoghurt Gums. "These actually do taste like yoghurt. They're so soft and sweet. "

Having devoured so many sweets, Yolinda finds it difficult to choose a winner.

"I like the Katjes Yoghurt Gums best, but I think that children would like the Juicy Jellys more."


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