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Quest for natural taste

By unknown | Aug 20, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MMARONA Motshegoa, known to fellow cast members in Rhythm City as Minx, is a very busy lady.

She plays the role of Keke, a stylish lesbian and girlfriend of Wandie, in the popular series.

Her role in Rhythm City was her acting debut and she is also studying towards a communications degree at Unisa.

From Channel O she went to and she also presents Amplified , a show called The 411 and the Oboma Xpress, which is a text communication music show.

Mmarona chats to viewers throughout Africa on the Oboma Xpress about current issues, from careers to sex and relationships.

As if this isn't enough, Mmarona also finds time to present a radio show on Channel O Radio that is broadcast to countries across the continent and to TUT FM.

Her radio programme offers the latest celebrity scoops while she counts down the week's hits.

We asked her to try four kinds of strawberry yoghurt and to tell us which brand is the winner in her book.

First the pint-sized young starl tasted Parmelat strawberry.

"It's fairly rich and very fruity," she said.

"There are big chunks of strawberries in this one and it tastes quite natural."

"The Nutriday strawberry yoghurt is much smoother and lighter, with a slightly sweeter taste," the actress said.

"Wow, the Pick n Pay version, is very pink. It's too sweet and too runny and it doesn't have a good, wholesome taste."

The actress found the yogurt from Woolworths the most appealing.

"This yoghurt is delicious. It's thick, rich and smooth, with big chunks of fruit in it.

"It looks nourishing and healthy."

"It's more like the real deal. I would choose this brand."

With such an obvious talent, Mmarona Motshegoa's career path is sure to be as smooth as her favourite yoghurt.


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