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Parents want sex-scandal school staff dismissed

By Sne Masuku | Aug 17, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ANGRY parents of Makhumbuza High School pupils in Umlazi yesterday called for the removal of the school's principal, staff and governing body.

ANGRY parents of Makhumbuza High School pupils in Umlazi yesterday called for the removal of the school's principal, staff and governing body.

The call was made at a meeting at the school in protest against delays on the fate of five teachers.

The five teachers are alleged to have had sex with pupils in the school's laboratory in exchange for alcohol and money.

The teachers, who are suspected of having had sex with about 20 pupils between them, have since been suspended.

The suspension followed a preliminary investigation by the department of education, which found them guilty.

One of the teachers, who is the only arrested suspect, is out on bail.

The parents called for every employee at the school to leave and for the department to send new teachers in order to restore good governance.

They said the sex scandal at the school happened on the school premises and that there was no way no one knew about it.

The scandal surfaced in April.

Though the meeting could not discuss all the issues on the agenda. since some parents were not present, the parents vowed they will have chosen a new governing body by next Sunday

They also blamed the governing body for failing to bring the matter to a close since the scandal surfaced.

Parents spokesperson Sbu Chili said they had given the department of education and school authorities enough time to address the matter "but nothing has been done to restore teaching and learning at the school".

Chili said that was why they had chosen to take a stand and sort out the mess once and for all.

"We are going to meet again on Sunday and by then we will have chosen a new governing body - people whom we believe will not let something like what happened here occur again

"There is no way the principal, teachers and even a cleaner at the school or a security guard at the gate could not have noticed that teachers were sleeping with our children.

"We want our children to start on a clean slate once the truth about what really happened is uncovered.

"Our children should be able to come to school without fear of intimidation and memories of the past," he said.

An internal hearing by independent investigators has not yet been concluded. The delays have inadvertently perpetuated intimidation of victims, some of whom are not willing to come forward.

Department of education spokesperson Mbali Thusi said they would engage with parents and listen to their concerns to reach common ground .

"We also want things to go back to normal at Makhumbuza but we should let the prosecuting team do its job unhindered," Thusi said.


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