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Vandalism during strikes a thing of the past

By unknown | Aug 04, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE Constitution of South Africa protects all the people from unfair labour practices. So we have the right to strike if communication does not produce the desired results.

But the majority of our people still do not protest peacefully. The government should communicate with people because before the elections they were promised many things. Now that it's time to deliver, the government is quiet.

People can still protest, submit a memorandum and have their needs taken into consideration without vandalising government property and trashing cities and towns.

The schools, clinics and libraries we burn are there for our people's good. If people do such things while angry, then we have not learnt anything. Vandalism during protests is really a thing of the past.

Thabang Ramphago,

GaMothapo Tjatjaneng


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