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ANC's own lead the service delivery riots

By unknown | Aug 04, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE chaos that led to the Polokwane group toppling the Stellenbosch group gave many in the ANC the impression that disputes can only be resolved through threats, violence, intimidation, intolerance and victimisation.

It would be foolhardy for the ANC to blame a third force, supposedly sponsored by opposition parties, without probing itsinternal loyal cadre deployment policies.

Today's violent protests are no different from those of 1983 when the UDF was formed, and the resultant barbaric neck-lacing, intolerance and directionless ungovernable strategies.

Almost all the service delivery and cross-border protests before and after this year's elections were led by people in the alliance and in most casesby well-known members of the alliance masquerading as community leaders.

In various parts of North West there were fights over control of positions and resources. The provinces and most municipalities are allegedly run by an ANC rebel group that was agreed to at a meeting where the notorious "black book" was established.

MK veterans and the so-called progressive youth alliance in Western Cape and North West, respectively, held an impromptu press conference to tell people of their intentions to make "provincial governments ungovernable".

President Jacob Zuma must ensure that state resources are not used to research internal squabbles, wrestling for state control and power. This includes the National Intelligence Agency. The ANC must use its own funds.

The protests are the result of unrealistic promises after the Polokwane coup d'etat.

Lesego Sechaba Mogotsi,

Azapo Ward 40, Tshwane


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