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Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Steadyrock to to unleash his debut album

By Edward Tsumele | Jul 31, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE country will soon dance to the tune of philosopher musician Steadyrock, who is set to release his full debut album.

THE country will soon dance to the tune of philosopher musician Steadyrock, who is set to release his full debut album.

The album is more about entertaining than dishing out doses of wisdom.

Steadyrock first hit the limelight two months ago when he performed at the launch of the soundtrack of the film White Wedding, to which he contributed four songs. He is one of several musicians who contributed songs to the soundtrack of this successful locally made film.

Steadyrock, who is originally from Mozambique but has been living in Soweto for the past 22 years says his full album, a mix of rock, reggae and soul, is ready to be unleashed on the local music scene.

This follows the good reception he got for the four songs in White Wedding.

"Working with Seiphemo Rapulana and Kenneth Nkosi on the soundtrack and video proved to me that actors, perhaps unlike us musicians, are more authentic, down to earth and hard-working and have no egos when it comes to their work ethics. I have learnt quite a lot from them," he says.

Referring to his new album Steadyrock Agent Provocateur in Musiocracy, Steadyrock, who was born Durrel Ivandro Jadir Americo Jacindo, says the message is to remind humanity about its priorities.

"The world is a reflection of our minds and if something is not working for us it is because we as humanity do not want it to work," he says.

"I can't understand why, with today's technology and advanced knowledge, for example, we fail to find a cure for Aids and eradicate poverty and hunger.

"I don't believe there are smart people in today's world. We cannot be smart until we find solutions to our problems.

"This message forms a central theme in my music. Music rules and that is why President Jacob Zuma used music and dance to win the hearts of people. It is a tool that can be used effectively in imparting knowledge."

Steadyrock will rock the stages of Oppikoppi in Northam, Limpopo, next week Saturday. He will share the Durex stage with top acts such as Kwani Experience and 340ml.

"This is the third time in a row that I have been booked to perform at Oppikoppi," he says. "My music seems to touch the hearts of many people, cutting across cultural divides."


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