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Plea for a 72-hour break from Fees Must Fall

Open letter to South Africa’s students‚ universities and government‚ represented by Minister in the .

Don't sabotage our government

By unknown | Jul 31, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THIS is a plea to all citizens to unconditionally support our government.

THIS is a plea to all citizens to unconditionally support our government.

After only a few months in the job President Jacob Zuma is facing violent service delivery protests, strikes, corrupt officials, criticism, pessimism and threats to sabotage the Fifa World Cup.

We South Africans have not created an environment conducive to the new government implementing its policies, strategies, plans and delivery . This despite the fact that we elected the government.

The huge lack of service delivery and salary concerns cannot be attributed to this government, though it is obliged to improve the situation its predecessors left behind.

While we acknowledge the constitutional right to protest, attention must be given to timing and circumstances. If it is justifiable and reasonable the people must be able to protest without any fear. But if not it will make a mockery of our Constitution if unions condone and encourage protests.

Unions play an important role but have a fundamental duty to protect our country from any activity that might result in our economy collapsing or creating anarchy.

Opposition parties are quick to jump at any opportunity to criticise g overnment expenditure during this recession . I can only conclude that they would support any activity that will cause the government not to adequately fulfil its commitment to the people .

It is our duty to support our government, not to sabotage it. All this criticism will do nothing but halt the progress we have made so far. We have come a long way and we must remember that we are a developing country.

So let's give our government a chance . Then, if it fails, we can criticise it .

Tyron Khoza, Gauteng


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