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Producer 37Mph goes on the sauce

By unknown | Jul 23, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A YOUNG man from East London plans to take over the world one hit single at a time.

A YOUNG man from East London plans to take over the world one hit single at a time.

His name might not too well known to the general public, but South African artists know that if they want high rotation on radio stations 37Mph, otherwise known as Mpho Pholo, is the man to call.

He learnt to play the piano at 11 and then studied classical music at the Dale College for Boys.

Once he matriculated Pholo found himself under pressure to find a "real job" and studied electrical engineering.

"I always did my music thing even though I studied electrical engineering."

Pholo has produced for big names such as RJ Benjamin, Mischief, Ishmael, Jozi and Zuluboy, but this year his musical journey reached a crescendo with the release of his debut album, 37 Energy Levels.

French record label Wall Street Artists invited him to play in France.

"I got to play at the World Wide Festival in Nice for millions of people."

Along with fond memories of the south of France, Pholo returned home with an arsenal of French recipes.

But he says French cuisine has not quelled his love for boerewors rolls slathered in tomato sauce.

The first he tries is from All Gold. "This one is very sweet and it has a sharp taste."

The All Gold is followed by Heinz Tomato Ketchup. "This one is tangier and has a slight chutney taste."

The All Joy Big Red Tomato Sauce is "like tomato gravy".

Pick n Pay's Tomato Sauce takes Pholo on a journey to the orient. "It would be good in a Chinese restaurant."

The last to be tested is from Wimpy, which he says make him long for a Wimpy burger.

Pholo is familiar with the quest to find the perfect tomato sauce as it has led to disputes in his home.

He explains: "My brother buys All Gold and I like Heinz." Today Heinz wins.


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