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Nyanda spends big money

By unknown | Jul 22, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MINISTER Siphiwe Nyanda got it all wrong about the public outcry over the purchase of his cars.

MINISTER Siphiwe Nyanda got it all wrong about the public outcry over the purchase of his cars.

Yes, we agree that he followed the regulations in the ministerial handbook, but that is not the issue.

The issue is about the dismal failure of ministers to cut the cloth according to its size.

There is a recession, a shortfall in the revenue collection, government is unable to pay the National Health Laboratories and so on, but Nyanda spends huge sums on unnecessary extras for his cars.

President Jacob Zuma said: " Cut the cloth according to size," but his ministers are extravagant. KwaZulu-Natal spent millions of rands on its premier's inauguration . Unnecessary renovations continue at Kings House, which is hardly used by the presidency.

We can all sing songs of praise to Tata Madiba, but we must also emulate him. We are shocked by the conspicuous silence of Cosatu, the SACP and those who said the Zuma administration will work for the poor and the working class.

A daily newspaper reported that members of the Mandela and Zuma families are buying a huge stake in a big company. Is this done in the name of the poor and the working class? So BEE is good if the ANC elite benefit?

Come on Nyanda, you can't fool the people all the time. You are as extravagant as a former minister's wife who rents a R30000 apartment with taxpayers money.

We congratulate the DA and Cope for exposing extravagant ANC ministers.This is not counter-revolutionary, it is robust opposition. We expect Zuma to stop all this because he was elected on a promise to create an egalitarian society.

If Thabo Mbeki is an elite, so is Nyanda, Mbeki's fierce opponent. It is Nyanda and Tony Yengeni who received a 29percent discount from DaimlerChrysler.

Collins Naidoo, Pietermaritzburg


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