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WHERE is the shop?

At number 105 Strand Street, corner of Rose Street in Cape Town.

What kind of shop is it?

We sell door and cabinet handles, bathroom accessories, locks and household products.

Tell us the story behind the name of the shop.

I was sitting with some of my family struggling for a name when my brother-in-law just popped out with the name and we all immediately agreed.

How long has the shop been open?

It's been open since October 2001.

How did you get the idea to open a shop like this?

A friend of mine, who imports from China told me how he always sees handle suppliers there, and that we should import some.

So I went around and looked at other shops and realised there was a gap for an up-market and well-stocked shop which supplied door couture to a wide range of consumers, and it grew from there.

Are there any other branches of your shop?

Yes, in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

What are your future plans for the shop?

To expand if I can, and to become the most talked about shop in the industry.

What items do you stock?

We stock 6000 products from 27 different suppliers in Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Turkey and South Africa.

Describe your shop in a sentence.

A pearl in an oyster shell.


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