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Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Des Van Rooyen. Picture Credit: Gallo Images
Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Looting is not acceptable

By unknown | Jul 13, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

DIEPSLOOT shopkeeper "cleaned out" during looting, Sowetan July 6 2009 refers.

DIEPSLOOT shopkeeper "cleaned out" during looting, Sowetan July 6 2009 refers.

What is it with the black culture of looting, rioting and killing, every time they have a grievance? Almost without exception the very people who serve the black community: shopkeepers, hawkers, councillors and officials bear the burnt of the violence.

Protests have the long tradition of "turning ugly" because this creates the ideal conditions for old scores to be settled, criminals to break into shops, xenophobia to rear its ugly head and pent up frustrations to be released.

Much as one would like to sympathise with the plight of the downtrodden, the acts of barbarism, which have become the trademark of protesting black Africans, can never be condoned.

After the dust of the rioting and looting has settled, no one in these communities is prepared to identify the perpetrators to the authorities.

This leaves the criminals free to repeat their loathsome activities during future protest actions.

Unless people are prepared to stand up and rid their communities of the criminal element, which make up a small segment of society, they don't deserve my sympathy.

Their misery is largely brought about by their own actions. Viva, the suffering, viva!

E de Clerk, Silverton


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