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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.


By unknown | Jul 03, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE rot has set in and we are losing something precious.

THE rot has set in and we are losing something precious.

Every day there is an event that chips away at our value system and righteousness as a nation.

It might be a heinous crime, a lack of delivery, breaking the rules of the road, littering or displaying a lack of respect for ourselves and those around us.

If we don't watch out, our nation will suffocate and drown in this rot. Every week there is a major strike or threats of a strike.

In some instances, this is a last desperate attempt by disgruntled workers to force the hand of obstinate employers.

But there are instances in which strikes are driven by ignorance, rebellion and plain laziness. The latest strike by Johannesburg metro employees is pathetic.

This week all testing stations across the city were closed because - wait for it - officials were striking in support of metro police officers who were appearing at a disciplinary hearing. These officers are facing a hearing for a violent strike last year.

Maybe I am missing something. No matter how many times I play this over in my head, I am still gobsmacked.

Thirty eight officers are in trouble and have to answer for their inappropriate actions.

As a show of solidarity hundreds of their colleagues down tools and spend the day loafing.

This means thousands of people who have taken time off work cannot be tested, book tests, renew licences and register their vehicles.

Some of those affected are justifiably enraged, while others are said to have simply shrugged their shoulders, saying they would return another day.

But this is likely to create a bigger problem in the long run since a major backlog already exists in the learners and drivers licences booking system.

Our roads were also less safe because there was a shortage of cops enforcing bylaws.

Those who decided to embark on this work stoppage probably have families, children who look up to them and rely on them for affirmation.

There might also be unemployed siblings in the family who dream of one day waking up in the morning and fulfilling their purpose.

While they sit on the steps of their offices, basking in the winter sun, their elderly parents are probably boasting to all and sundry about how proud they are of their children who are law enforcers.

How shameful for them to spit on this gift called work.

The global economy is in turmoil, shedding jobs at an alarming rate.

South Africa is not immune to these adverse conditions.

Our situation is even worse because not only are workers losing their jobs but hundreds of thousands more have not had any form of employment even when our economy was thriving.

It is a privilege to work and if you are going to take to the streets in protest or down tools, your reasons have got to be plausible.

The behaviour of these metro workers defies logic and goes against every endeavour to make our country thrive.

The ingredients of a rainbow nation go far beyond political stability, racial tolerance and cultural diversity. We need to find a work ethic based on hard work and diligence, regardless of our circumstances.

Our working conditions can never be perfect but a willingness to drench ourselves in our work and pursue the moral benefit of hard work will bring success.

The metro employees who went on this ridiculous solidarity strike have not only shown scant regard for the citizens of Johannesburg but they have also exhibited a lack of respect for themselves.

What losers!


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