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Jacko leaves nothing to 'abusive' dad

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MICHAEL Jackson left his father nothing in his will.

MICHAEL Jackson left his father nothing in his will.

The 50-year-old pop legend who died after suffering a reported cardiac arrest last Thursday left his entire estate to his mother Katherine, three children Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, seven-year-old Prince Michael II and several charities, according to a will made in 2002.

America's prestigious business newspaper the Wall Street Journal reports the will is the last one Michael - who had a troubled relationship with his father and had accused him of physical abuse during his childhood - made.

It is understood Jackson's lawyer John Branca - who stopped working with Jackson in 2006 but was reportedly hired again three weeks ago, and who arranged for Jackson to buy The Beatles' publishing catalogue in 1985 - could hand the document to the Los Angeles superior court as early as today.

In a petition filed by Jackson's parents to administer his estate on Monday, they claimed their son died "intestate", meaning without a will.

Joe and Katherine's lawyer Londell McMillan claims neither of Jackson's parents have seen the 2002 document.

McMillan wrote in an e-mail: "No will has been presented to the family or us. We will review any will when we see it."

The document names Branca and music executive John McClain, who was friends with Jackson, as executors.

It is alleged Jackson died with a debt of around R4billion, but his assets are said to be worth in the region of R5,6billion.

His most valuable asset is his 50percent ownership of Sony/ ATV Music Publishing. He also owned publishing catalogue Mijac, which is made up of his own music. Sony have control of the masters of his albums, but these were set to be handed back to him in five years.

His mother was given temporary custody of Michael's children on Monday, but she was denied temporary guardianship of the children's estate. - Bang


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