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Hard-working reservists deserve better

By unknown | Jun 29, 2009 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

CONGRATULATIONS to doctors for getting a colossal salary increase. They deserve it.

CONGRATULATIONS to doctors for getting a colossal salary increase. They deserve it.

They are reaping the fruits of the votes they cast in this year's general elections. This is an example of a properly fulfilled promise.

My grievance concerns police reservists. Government, don't you see them or what is going on? The country has so many police reservists who are working very hard to help the police combat crime but do not get even a small monthly stipend.

These reservists risk their lives voluntarily, day and night, with huge determination and the hope that the government will one day integrate them fully into the police service.

But it seems the state has forgotten them. Their efforts are not rewarded. The question is: how long should they wait?

Even during the elections police reservists were deployed at voting stations nationally to ensure safety and smooth voting. They worked very hard but did they receive a cent.

What happened to the "a better life for all" slogan?

I am not a reservist and never intend to be one but I feel they have been ignored for too long. These men and women have families to take care of.

The most painful part is that whenever posts are advertised in the SAPS, they are not given first priority. They have to apply like everybody else, including those who do not have any experience.

In the en, they remain jobless while inexperienced people who have inside connections are hired. I suspect corruption.

Please, Mr President Zuma and Deputy Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, can you make a better life for them?

Nangammbi Thalukanyo, Pretoria


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